How it all began ...


Three years ago, we started our business that focussed on helping Agribusiness because we enjoyed working with farmers.


We started with a couple of farmers that we knew through friends and colleague’s and they gave us a go, even though they had no idea who we were.


Fast forward a couple of years, and our business is supporting some of largest growers in the state, such as Montagues, Mulgowie and Willow Zen.


The best part about helping these businesses, is when they call us up to help them again, because they know and trust us now. We have the knowledge of their business, and they know that we will tell them straight if we can help or not. They also know that we will tell them straight when they are not helping themselves.


Hearing from happy, successful clients is one of the best parts of our day. Here are just a few of those results…


👉 Developing strategies for a free range egg farmer from a start-up business to one of the largest free range egg farmers in the state, supplying eggs to some of the biggest names in Melbourne Restaurants


👉 Creating systems and bringing about growth in a vineyard, so much so that they were recognised as being the regional business of the year


👉 Challenging a dairy farmer during the dark days of the Murray Goulbourn about face on milk prices, to rethink the way he runs the dairy, and change his approach to cost control and sustainable animals, so that he could break-even and save $250k per annum.


As a result, we found – that no matter what you’re growing, or to whom you’re selling it to…there is always a way to improve the performance of a farm. Even though the process of horticulture in centuries old, and many of you have been doing it for generations, there is a new and better way to operate your business, to improve profitability and sustainability.


Other consultancies’ will tell you that they are the most insightful or experienced, but we come to you, to talk about your challenges, and customise solutions that are unique to you and your environment. We don’t try to guess, while sitting on our shinny pants in an office in Melbourne.


Why are we different? We have taken the time to discuss and compare the best business improvement techniques from other industries, that have developed a suite of tools to make business more effective and efficient, dumped the ones that don’t work in agriculture, and kept or modified the ones that will. Every piece of improvement technique has been developed to be used in the unique environment that is the agriculture industry. No other consultancy or training organisation goes to the same level as we do to create a strategy that is 100% customised to work on the farm, for the grower.


And I have good news for you…


Because you probably don’t know me, I am not going to ask you to do anything that might make you uncomfortable. All I want you to do is give me the time to prove that I know what I am doing, and there is no obligation on you at all.


Book a free 30-minute Strategy Session with me or come to our four-hour workshop that will introduce you to the techniques that I have been talking about. See the tools that have been used to make the changes that have created the innovations in the case studies above.


If you come away from the Strategy Session or Workshop and either feel that you have everything you need to do it yourself; great! If you come away from the workshop and feel it was a waste of your time, then come and see us; and we will buy you a slab as a way to say sorry for wasting your time (This offer has never been taken up, by the way).


If at the end of the workshop, you would like to know more, and are interested in finding ways to improve the profitability of your business, all at nearly no cost to your business at all, then either leave your details on the sign-in sheet, or talk to us after the workshop. If you do not want us to follow you up, then we will not, no risk of annoying phone calls; I promise, as I don’t like them either.


So, it is easy to take the next step to improving the performance and profitability of your business.


Sign-up for a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session valued at $550 or a FREE Agribusiness Improvement Workshop valued at $280 per person to help you improve your business.