Improved Throughput and Yield in butter and milk powder processing with Continuous Improvement Systems



At Ballantyne, processing high volumes of butter portions and milk powder is the value stream. To do this efficiently, with minimal waste is the competitive advantage. These processes use high tech. machinery and skilled staff to maintain them, but without regular continuous improvement strategies, the business does not just stagnate, but will fall behind its competitors.



  1. Identified the key personnel, that are capable and willing to drive the strategic projects that are aligned to the objectives of the business

  2. Coached the team in a disciplined project management method

  3. Selected the key projects within the business that will deliver the goals, and develop new competitive advantages for the plant

  4. Provided ongoing coaching for the project managers, monitored their progress against a project charter



Ballantyne were able to achieve multiple improvements within their processing plant:

  • Increase butter portion machine operating speeds by 20%

  • Reduce dumped butter by 10%

  • Increase milk powder yield by 17%