many farms are now streamlining processes and using technology to increase efficiency, cut costs and get ahead of the competition.
What are you doing about it?
how many product and process improvements are you implementing each month to stay on top of the game and dominate your market?
Perhaps its time to cut costs and increase competitiveness through proven methods that have stood the test of time.
you can find out about those methods by 

To get your business ahead in just 12months we offer an on-site service at your farm to educate you and your staff in how to identify process issues that currently gobble up resources at no return and how to change the process to rather put that money into your back pocket.

But this is not all ....

This service is also government funded* and reduces costs of the program by 98%!!!

If you are thinking this is Too Good To Be True then keep reading, because there is more good news.

  • This service is delivered to you at your farm. No one needs to travel anywhere.

  • This service is also flexible to suit your needs, business goals and work schedule.

  • We will be there in the trenches with you to battle it out and get you ahead.

  • This program has been proven successful with all our past and current clients. Because this is a fact and we have nothing to hide we are happy to arrange for you to verify our credentials with our clients.

Let's see what they say:


“The programme was a driver for being awarded the Geelong regional Business Award” – Scott Austin from Austin’s & Co, Managing Director



“The course opened my eyes to alternative ways to run the dairy” – Rob Ross from Ross Dairy, Owner


“We have achieved a more successful farm and business set up in just 12 months” – Harley Allgood from Jindi Free Range Eggs, Owner

This is a no-brainer, as our customers like to say.

Still not convinced? Let's do the numbers, shall we?

Our business improvement specialist will spend 30 full days at your farm to help you  build and implement a strategy to cut costs, increase profits and become more competitive. He is not a farmer (and doesn't need to be - trust me in this), but a highly sought after Master Blackbelt Business Improvement Specialist. They are not cheap and not affordable for most, but you can access his service worth $108,000 for a mere $4,200. Yes, this sounds unbelievable, but this is not a joke. **

The government is supporting farmers more than ever and is paying for this service.

So what are you waiting for?
* eligibility criteria apply    ** based on 15 participants