Lean Training & Coaching

Get your staff educated in Lean principles and motivated to use them.


Training will be hands-on through simulations, at your organisation and customised to your needs and desired outcomes.

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Lean Project Implementation

Get quick results with our project implementation option.

Your Lean coach will scope and implement the project with your consultation and team involvement.

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Food Processing




Identification of Improvement Opportunities (waste)

Check out how we help identify improvements and make them happen:

You may not be sure where to start with Lean. Let us take care of identifying improvement opportunities of your Bread & Butter processes with your team and getting their support to implement them.  

Implement 5S

Check out some of our project outcomes

Get immediate productivity gains through the implementation of 5S.

5S is simple yet effective in reducing time and motion waste with little effort and resources. If you are new to Lean then we recommend you start with 5S and get some low hanging fruit.

Highly customised training materials

You may want your own training materials, specific to your organisation.

Our Instructional Designer will design and develop training resources to your specific needs while providing input into the design as required. This includes traditional and e-learning options.

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